About us

“Sadro ursu” family company was founded in 1993, during the rebirth of the capitalist system in the country.

The company has gone through several stages of development, taking various forms of activity: store network, wholesale bases, food manufacturing.

The Company currently has its own food production plant and is actively looking to new horizons.


The production technology involves the use of modern equipment and machinery, which allow to obtain high quality products In a short amount of time.

The excellent quality of the products are guaranteed by the use of high quality ingredients, thus are used: High quality corn grains (not genetically modified) palm oil, Imported directly from manufacturers with the best quality in the world; natural and exclusive flavors from the best European producers, to obtain an excellent taste of the product.

The professionalism of our team and the modern equipment used, guarantee the excellent quality of the final product and its competitiveness on the market.