Paper cups


  • Paper cups: 110ML-650ML;
  • Popcorn cups: 44oz-189oz
  • Prices from the manufacturer

They are made of cardboard of the best quality, the density and thickness of the cardboard differ depending on the size of the cups.



Popcorn maize is grown in the Republic of Moldova, according to French technology and every effort is made to have an excellent product, it is not genetically modified.

Delicio Pellet Chips

The excellent quality of the chips is guaranteed by the use of high quality ingredients, non-genetically modified, palm oil, imported directly from the best European producers.

Sour soup

Delicio sour soup is obtained by fermenting wheat bran and is 100% natural, without preservatives.

Sour soup is a natural tonic, very rich in enzymes and contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body, being also very effective in weight loss, because it stimulates digestion and fat burning.

Throughout its activity the company "Sadro Ursu" participated in many exhibitions and obtained numerous distinctions.